BIOFARM ORGANIC is a group of companies striving for leadership in the field of implementation of innovative techniques and practices in the organic crop farming sector of Ukraine.
Organic husbandry implies, first and foremost, a prudent and careful attitude to our Mother planet as a living being; it is a philosophy of benevolence and respect to all living organisms. It is a concept of understanding that we are all interconnected with the nature and that nothing in the nature can be deemed unnecessary or redundant.

Organic agriculture –
is a system of production aimed at the human health promotion through sustainable use of soils and ecosystems.

Any organic production rules out any application of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs, preservatives, etc.; all production sites (crop growing farms and crop processing facilities) utilize the methods, practices and rules required to obtain natural (ecologically “clean”) produce and to preserve and renew the existing natural resources.

By introducing the organic crop farming technologies, we make use of the practices of crop rotation, green manuring (sideration), pest biological control (using bio-pesticides) and soil fertility biological control (application of microbial fertilizers), as well as no-tillage farming, mulching and composting. Our organic production is based on the principles of permanent agriculture (permaculture), biodynamic agriculture and natural agriculture.


Corporate Social

Corporate Social Responsibility


We care about our customers, as we supply the products for your satisfaction. We supply the ecoproducts which conform to the standards approved in the European Union and Switzerland. So, we can offer our products both to the domestic market consumers and to the EU markets.

Our membership in the European Association of Organic Production Supporters and in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) enables us to continuously update and build up our knowledge and practices for producing healthy foodstuff for human consumption.


We protect the environment by making our production process environment-friendly. We do so because we believe that those who produce, process, sell and consume organic products should always protect their natural environment, including terrain, climate, habitat, biodiversity, as well as air and water resources...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our primary concern is the health of our customers, so we ensure a professional approach to organic foodstuff production. Our professionalism and expertise is well proven by the certifying agencies acting in compliance with which the international certification standards.