About us


BIOFARM ORGANIC produces and sells organic crops such as rye, wheat, barley, oats, flax seeds, millet, potatoes, chickpeas and mung beans. In addition, our team of professionals engages in organic apiculture and promotes the organic aquaculture and organic berry farming.

BIOFARM ORGANIC’s land assets are located in the ecologically-clean Polissia (Woodland) area of Ukraine. Our farming lands are isolated from any external intensive-farming sites, being separated by coniferous and mixed forests, ravines and wide expanses of fallow land. Our crop processing and storage facilities comply with the fundamental up-to-date requirements to efficient organic farming businesses. The business model of our company is based on the leadership in all key segments of organic farming, as well as on our experienced team of professionals and fruitful cooperation with the main organic farming actors both in and outside Ukraine. The key goal of our business consists in implementation of the best domestic and international practices for producing our organic crops, grown in Ukraine and sold worldwide.

Production of high-quality organic crops to satisfy the needs of our domestic and foreign customers.
Development of the organic-produce domestic and international markets by way of sustainable upgrading the quality of the organic farming output; introduction of the cutting-edge technologies via increasing the expertise and professionalism of our employees in order to satisfy the needs of the organic produce consumers, as well as to ensure a good financial standing and profitability of our business.

Our team corporate and individual values:

  • belief in our organic produce which people need;
  • doing our job and bearing responsibility for what has been done;
  • knowing and understanding the needs of the organic produce market;
  • continuous updating our organic farming knowledge and expertise;
  • openness to cooperation and partnership.