Dear Ladies!

Dear Ladies!

We sincerely congratulate you on the loveliest day of spring, a holiday of beauty and tenderness – the 8th of March ! With all our hearts we wish you good health, women's happiness, harmony and prosperity in your families. Let this great spring event lift your spirits, give you inspiration and optimism!

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Charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" congratulates all women on the 8th of March!

Charitable foundation

On the occasion of the International Women's Day 2017, the founder of the charity foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" Viyazlovska Svitlana, within the charitable program, congratulated the charming women of  Zhytomyr region communities with sweet honey gift sets made from organic apiary!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the beautiful Female's Spring Holiday!

Let the gentle smile of the spring sun give you solid health, beauty and charm, home warmth and coziness. May your kindness, tenderness, femininity always fill your hearts with joy and love, be a guarantee of peace and harmony, be the key to accomplishment of the best desires and aspirations, and may your work be benefitial, give inspiration to fulfill all your plans.

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CHARITABLE FOUNDATION "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" donated medicines and medical equipment to the address of hospitals in Zhytomyr region


During December 2016, within the framework of the charitable program on providing treatment and rehabilitation of ATO participants, the Charitable Foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" headed by the president of the organisation - Svitlana Viyazlovska distributed medicines and medical equipment to the following hospitals: Zhytomyr base military hospital (military base A-1065), the regional hospital for war veterans of Zhytomyr Regional Council, Romanovsky CDH,  "Baranovskiy Center of primary medical and sanitary assistance" of Baranovskiy district council, Baranovsky municipal CDH.

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Poroshenko Olexiy, the president of international pubic organisation "Environmental council" presented to Svitlana Viyazlovska, the founder of "BLAHODAR ORGANIC"  a certificate for charitable work and contribution to the development of ecological safety.

INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC ORGANISATION "ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL" was established in 2012. The priority of the organisation's activity is the implementation of the "Human Development of Ukraine" Concept  as the main national idea.

"Environmental council" pushes for the guarantee of "Human Development" in Ukraine, considering the fact that the development of the state is possible in terms of accounting human potential of the country, namely: - increasing the relative wealth and physical health of all citizens of the country; - guarantee of social support and social protection by applying exclusively environmentally friendly technologies; - ecological safety taking into account human needs, etc.

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Founder of Charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" - Viyazlovska Svitlana attended consecration of the newly built chapel in Ulyanivka village of Zhitomyr region

Founder of Charitable foundation

As part of charitable programs for spiritual development "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" systematically made donations to temples of Zhytomyr`s region territorial communities. 

At the beginning of December 2016,the founder of Charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" - Viyazlovska Svitlana attended consecration of the newly built chapel in Ulyanivka village of Zhitomyr region 

Many guests including the benefactors from Italy and the local patrons visited the ceremony. Priests, nuns and believers from other congregations were present as well.

 The Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine - Archbishop Claudio Gucerotti consecrated solemnly the newly built chapel.

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Charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" celebrated the International Day of Older Persons with the aged under the program "Do not neglect your roots"

Charitable foundation

Under the program "Do not neglect your roots" charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" сelebrated the holiday of 1, October wirh the elderly, who, by their contributions to society, deserve deep respect from their descendants.

BLAHODAR ORGANIC has handed over food gift baskets for distribution among the aged to the adress of Zhytomyr region`s village councils.

We should always honour veterans and citizens of a respectable age. Let`s do everything to make them feel cared about and to provide them with a decent standard of living.

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