Charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" congratulates all women on the 8th of March!


On the occasion of the International Women's Day 2017, the founder of the charitable foundation "BLAHODAR ORGANIC" Viyazlovska Svitlana, within the charity program, congratulated 170 charming women of Zhytomyr region communities with sweet honey gift sets from the organic apiary!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the beautiful Female's Spring Holiday!

Let the gentle smile of the spring sun give you solid health, beauty and charm, home warmth and coziness. May your kindness, tenderness, femininity always fill your hearts with joy and love, be a guarantee of peace and harmony, be the key to accomplishment of the best desires and aspirations, and may your work be benefitial, give inspiration to fulfill all your plans.

Some historical facts:

This holiday has emerged as a day of struggle for women's rights. Workers from sewing and shoe factories gathered for the demonstration at the 8th of march in1857 in New York. They demanded a 10-hour working day, comfortable working conditions, salary equal to men. Women worked 16 hours a day, received a pittance for their work. Women worked 16 hours a day, received a pittance for their work . Men after strong performances achieved the setting of 10-hour working day. Many enterprises in the United States formed trade union organizations. And after  the 8th of March in1857 another one was formed - for the first time its members were women. At this day in many cities of New York hundreds of women staged a demonstration, demanding the submission of the electoral law.

In 1910, at the International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen Clara Zetkin proposed the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, which sounded like a call to all women of the world to join the struggle for equality. In response to this appeal, women in many countries were  included in the struggle  against poverty, for the right to work, respect for their dignity, for peace.  In 1911, the holiday was first celebrated on March 19 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.Then, more than a million men and women took part in the demonstrations. In addition to the right to vote and hold office, women have gained equal rights with men of production.