OUR PRIMARY CONCERNOur primary concern is the health of our customers, so we ensure a professional approach to organic foodstuff production. Our professionalism and expertise is well proven by the certifying agencies acting in compliance with which the international certification standards.

OUR CAREWe care about our customers, as we supply the products for your satisfaction. We supply the ecoproducts which conform to the standards approved in the European Union and Switzerland. So, we can offer our products both to the domestic market consumers and to the EU markets.

Our membership in the European Association of Organic Production Supporters and in the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) enables us to continuously update and build up our knowledge and practices for producing healthy foodstuff for human consumption.

WE PROTECTWe protect the environment by making our production process environment-friendly. We do so because we believe that those who produce, process, sell and consume organic products should always protect their natural environment, including terrain, climate, habitat, biodiversity, as well as air and water resources. The organic farming efforts and principles, used to derive a harvest, should be balanced to comply with natural cycles, via designing the land-use systems, as well as creating and maintaining the diversity of crops.

WE COOPERATEWe actively cooperate with landowners in terms of their involvement in organic farming. This contributes to their desire to become pioneers in implementing the biological farming system, thus producing ecologically clean products, which do not contain any nitrites or nitrates, for the people living both in Ukraine and abroad. This also makes them certain that the relations between them and us are mutually beneficial and transparent, for BIOFARM ORGANIC always fulfils its obligations in a timely and complete manner.